Best Cheap Electric Bikes Under 1000 Review – How to Buy Good Ebikes Guide

Having the best electric bike under $1000 requires a lot of research. You will most likely have to compare different e-bikes in the market to see which one fits your needs. The thing that makes things confusing for first-time buyers is the number of electric bikes in the market. You get to see foldable versions to your typical mountain bike. And since different users have different needs and requirements, they must know what each product offers to the table. Does it offer stability? Or maybe, does it fit under your desk?

Best Cheap Electric Bikes Under $1000 Review

CLIENSY 26″ Electric Mountain BikeCLIENSY 26 Electric Mountain Bike

The CLIENSY Electric Mountain Bike is not the average bike that you take for work. It is also something that attracts the attention of outdoor enthusiasts who love to go on the dirt road. First, you have a bike that carries 3 cycling modes. It offers the e-bike mode. Also, you have the manual bicycle mode that relies completely on your legs. And last, you have the combination of both on the assisted bicycle mode.

The CLIENSY 26” Electric Mountain Bike makes use of a 21-speed Shimano gear that gives users comfort regardless if you are biking uphill or on a flat road. Also, you have a cushioned saddle that can give you the comfort that you need.

When it comes to the motor and battery, you have a 36V 8AH lithium battery that powers the 350W motor. The motor can run up to 30km/h. The bike is constructed mainly of aluminum alloy. For its other parts, you have high-strength carbon steel specifically on its front fork. Generally, the materials used are meant to make the bike lightweight. It is also foldable and weighs just around 27lbs.


  • Lightweight but durable design
  • Foldable and compact
  • Comfortable to use with its 21-speed transmission


  • Not enough power for steep roads

Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike

A sporty electric bike, the Aceshin 26” Mountain Bike is made of aluminum alloy for its frame and carbon steel for its front fork. This mountain bike runs on a 25watt motor and 36V 8ah rechargeable lithium battery. Once fully charged within 4-6 hours, the battery can allow the user to run up to 25km on e-bike mode and 50km for assisted mode.

A lot of people love this mountain bike because of its 21-speed transmission system that gives users options. It also helps people that are traveling both inclined and flat surfaces. Next, you also get to enjoy an ergonomic design for this e-bike. It has an adjustable seat plus an ergonomic handlebar that lessens stress on the person using the e-bike.

However, the only problem with this electric mountain bike is its assembly. First-time users might encounter a few problems here and there to get this bike working.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Meant for rough road
  • Decent-sized tires
  • Durable materials


  • Complicated assembly

Mini Electric Bike Foldable Portable Brushless Motor Litiium-ion Battery Community Weekend Bike

Running on a 250W motor and 36V 4.4AH Lithium battery, The Mini Electric Bike offers a compact and powerful solution for people commuting without a car. Once folded, the Mini Electric Bike fits inside a trunk of a car or it can also be placed under the table. The bike only weighs approximately 36 pounds and could carry a user that weighs more than 200 pounds.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t designed for steep hills. The bike can only go uphill up to 15 degrees. However, despite the small construction, this bike can drive 24km/h. Once the battery is fully charged, it can run up to 16-19 kilometers.

It makes use of front and rear disk-brake to ensure that you stop when you need to stop. Plus, you also have the front and rear LED lights to make sure that you can be seen by other motorists using the street.


  • Compact design and can fit inside a trunk
  • Includes LED lights to alert motorists
  • Can run up to 24km/h
  • Supports users more than 200 pounds


  • Not built for uphill roads

NAKTO Adult Electric Bicycles

The Nakto Adult Electric Bicycle is built by carbon steel frame made to support a user’s weight. In addition to this, the bike has been coated by rust-proof powder to ensure that users can use it for a long time. Aside from durability, the bike also offers comfort since it has shock absorption features that can minimize the bumps.

Performance-wise, the Nakto Adult Bicycle can run for up to 40km when batteries are fully charged. And with a 250W motor, the Nakto Adult Bicycle can run up to 32km/h. There are three modes that you can choose from as well. You have the Pedal mode which means that you just do things manually. You also have the auxiliary wherein you get the assistance you need from the motor. And lastly, you have the pure electric mode wherein the bike runs completely on its own.

If you’ve been using other bikes before, there are a few things that you might notice with the Nakto Adult Bicycle. One, the brake levers are reversed compared to your conventional bike. Next, it doesn’t have a detailed instruction on how you can make use of the pedal assist. Other than that, the Nakto Adult Bicycle is easy to use. It is even 90% assembled when it arrives on your door.


  • 90% pre-assembled
  • Runs up to 40km when fully charged
  • Can run up to 32 km/h
  • Durable material used


  • No clear instructions on how to use pedal assist


Having a dependable electric bike not only reduces the effort in commuting, but it can also even help you stay healthy at the same time. However, the best electric bike under 1000 USD depends on what you want for yourself. Some users plan on having an electric bike with a powerful battery because they plan on pedaling less. On the other hand, there are those users who plan on having an electric bike that can be folded and stored without taking so much space.

Buyers need to be able to first know what they like about an electric bike before they decide to buy one. And also, it helps if you can compare at least two similar products to see which bike fits your needs and personality.