Best Cheap Electric Bikes Under 1000 Review – How to Buy Good Ebikes Guide

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Having the best electric bike under $1000 requires a lot of research. You will most likely have to compare different e-bikes in the market to see which one fits your needs. The thing that makes things confusing for first-time buyers is the number of electric bikes in the market. You get to see foldable versions to your typical mountain bike. And since different users have different needs and requirements, they must know what each product offers to the table. Does it offer stability? Or maybe, does it fit under your desk?

Best Cheap Electric Bikes Under $1000 Review

CLIENSY 26″ Electric Mountain BikeCLIENSY 26 Electric Mountain Bike

The CLIENSY Electric Mountain Bike is not the average bike that you take for work. It is also something that attracts the attention of outdoor enthusiasts who love to go on the dirt road. First, you have a bike that carries 3 cycling modes. It offers the e-bike mode. Also, you have the manual bicycle mode that relies completely on your legs. And last, you have the combination of both on the assisted bicycle mode.

The CLIENSY 26” Electric Mountain Bike makes use of a 21-speed Shimano gear that gives users comfort regardless if you are biking uphill or on a flat road. Also, you have a cushioned saddle that … Read More

2009 Hammerfest DH Results

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Race Hammerfest DH 2009

Date May 3 2009

Beginner Men

# Name Age Start Finish Total
103 Tyler Loewen 13 0:23:00.00 0:26:10.40 0:03:10.40
118 Cody Kowaliuk 15 0:35:00.00 0:38:10.67 0:03:10.67
127 Mark Wallace 13 0:44:00.00 0:47:13.13 0:03:13.13
138 Cole Carter 18 0:53:00.00 0:56:14.32 0:03:14.32
114 Dan Heller 14 0:34:00.00 0:37:15.13 0:03:15.13
129 Steve Ward 25 0:46:00.00 0:49:15.76 0:03:15.76
110 Luca Pascolin-Ryan 13 0:30:00.00 0:33:15.98 0:03:15.98
105 Adam Kral 14 0:25:00.00 0:28:16.04 0:03:16.04
121 Colby Irg 16 0:38:00.00 0:41:16.70 0:03:16.70
111 Sydney Irvine 14 0:31:00.00 0:34:17.02 0:03:17.02
107 Stefan Crucil 14 0:27:00.00 0:30:19.11 0:03:19.11
137 Derek McQuinn 17 0:52:00.00 0:55:21.53 0:03:21.53
119 Louis Beckingham 13 0:36:00.00 0:39:22.63 0:03:22.63
109 Mark Bradley 16 0:29:00.00 0:32:32.15 0:03:32.15
123 Jake Hopper 14 0:40:00.00 0:43:33.06 0:03:33.06
106 David Doughty 29 0:26:00.00 0:29:33.45 0:03:33.45
112 Tam Crawford 43 0:32:00.00 0:35:34.91 0:03:34.91
125 Randy Dyck 15 0:42:00.00 0:45:37.33 0:03:37.33
113 Takoda Crawford 13 0:33:00.00 0:36:39.36 0:03:39.36
120 William Janson 14 0:37:00.00 0:40:41.82 0:03:41.82
140 Jackson Sweetham 14 0:55:00.00 0:58:41.91 0:03:41.91
133 Connor Rix 12 0:48:00.00 0:51:42.01 0:03:42.01
126 Riley Varkonja 11 0:43:00.00 0:46:43.62 0:03:43.62
101 Greg Saabel 15 0:21:00.00 0:24:44.58 0:03:44.58
128 Eric Sibbald 13 0:45:00.00 0:48:47.90 0:03:47.90
124 Adam Crompton 14 0:41:00.00 0:44:54.19 0:03:54.19
104 Brad Falkenberg 29 0:24:00.00 0:28:05.66 0:04:05.66
108 Rylan Dagneau 13
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Hammerfest 2015 Cross Country Races, Arrowsmith Mountain Bike Club

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March 22, 2015, Parksville, B.C.

2015 Online Registration

Cost: $30.00

Registration: 11:00am,

Race Starts: 12:00 noon

Riders must have a valid Cycling BC Citizens or UCI license or purchase ‘Day of Event’ license for an additional $10.

Course description for the XC race:

The 2015 XC race will start in the Englishman River Provincial Park. Riders can park in the main parking area and have the use of Park facilities.

There will be a rolling start from the registration/parking area with actual racing commencing on the gravel road near the Park maintenance compound.

The race course is very similar to the 2014 race with a 500 m double track, gravel road leading to the single track climb on Walrus and Brian’s Worm trails to the power lines. From here the courses follows everyone’s favorite trail, the fast and flowy lines of Jughead. New this year is some more mileage by following a turn onto Burnt Ridge, a small portion of Coquihalla leading to a connector leading to Barf Bag. From here the course intersects Just Groovy that will lead to Betty’s Bridge, then a gravel road spin to LocoMotion onto another short gravel road sprint to the finish and lap point.

One lap is about 9.5 km.
Beginner: 1 lap
Intermediate: 2
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Arrowsmith Cycling Club – Links

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Please read.

The Arrowsmith Cycling Club does not warrant that the backroads and trails indicated in these maps are passable, nor does it claim that the maps are completely accurate. We make no indication as to whether or not the lands that occupy these trails are private or Public, and the user bears any responsibility in this regard.

Please note that mountain biking is inherently dangerous and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you may encounter unexpected traffic, poor weather, low or no trail maintenance. Please use common sense and caution when using these trails.

Most trails at HammerFest can be ridden in an uphill direction, it’s all a grind whichever way you cut it but a few notable exceptions exist.  These trails are shown on the detailed map by an arrow indicating the preferred direction of travel.  These trails would have hike-a-bike sections in the opposite direction.  Heck, some of them even have hike-a-bike sections in the preferred direction.  But what the hey, that’s what mountain biking is all about.

Click here for pdf location map file

Click here for HammerFest overview map (14.4 mb)

Click here for a HammerFest detail map (230 kb)

For other local and regional trail maps visit the following link:

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Arrowsmith Cycling Club Membership

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The Arrowsmith Cycling Club originally started up in 1994 with approximately 65 members. We have regular meetings to discuss club programs and issues and welcome any volunteer assistance and interest. The Club’s focus is on promoting the sport, providing social riding opportunities, trail building and maintenance, getting out there and riding!

Interested in joining Arrowsmith Cycling Club?

Arrowsmith Cycling Club is an affiliated club with Cycling BC (CBC).

Arrowsmith Cycling Club 2017 MEMBERSHIP

At a recent Arrowsmith Cycling Club (ACC) general meeting, the members voted to change our membership requirements. There are now two levels to choose from, depending upon your requirements:

Tier 1 : For riders and supporters of ACC that wish to participate in club activities but without additional personal or accident insurance coverage, the annual fee is $20. There is no longer a requirement to have insurance to join our rides.

However it will be up to individuals to get coverage through Cycling BC, or any other insurance provider, if they feel they need riding insurance.

The cost of being a supporter of ACC ($20.00) goes towards:

  1. Maintenance and construction of our Hammerfest trails
  2. Supporting local riding club and groups within School District 69,
  3. Maintaining our affiliation with Cycling BC so we can run our sanctioned races and other acitivities
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Calendar of Events for the Arrowsmith Cycling Club

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CONTACT AMC: 250-248-5575

Island Cup Series update coming soon!

Contact Arrowsmith Bikes:

Calendar of Events

* Dates subject to change due to weather or other unforseen circumstances

April 30, 2017 Dodge City Downhill
Cumberland, Hosted by UROC
March 5, 2017 Canada Cup Bear Mountain
Langford, Victoria
March 12, 2017 XC 1, Hammerfest Parksville
Hosted by Arrowsmith MTB Club
Affiliation: Cycling BC
March 19, 2017 XC2, Vancouver Island Cup
March 26, 2017 XC3, Cobble Hill – Registration opens March 1
Hosted by Cowichan Valley Cycling Facebook
May 29, 2017 Coal Town Classic
Cumberland Village Park Hosted by UROC
June 10, 2017 12 Hrs of Cumberland
Hosted by UROC
June 25, 2017 Dodge City Enduro, Cumberland
Hosted by UROC
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